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Strong Tower Mental Health with Heidi Mortenson

May 9, 2022

Do you hear that it’s important to encourage but when it comes down to it you only encourage the ones that are easy to encourage? The vulnerable ones who are open with you, the ones who encourage you so you encourage back. What about those who seem to criticize you, just you, or seem to make life more difficult for you? Or those who seem to struggle to be in a good mood? You find yourself avoiding these people, let alone stepping out and encouraging them. In this episode Heidi talks about how we can encourage even the most difficult people in our life, and the key to breaking through the lie that they are even difficult in the first place.

Key notes from the episode:

  • Each one of us has been a difficult person at some point.


  • Difficult people don’t exist in the Kingdom of God. But they do in the world.


  • Jesus loves us no matter what, even when we are difficult.


  • Difficult people reveal in us where is Jesus is NOT still in us (John 15:2).


  • Difficult people can be a blessing because they reveal in us opportunities to grow and become more like Jesus.


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