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Strong Tower Mental Health with Heidi Mortenson

Dec 26, 2022

Are you ALL in for the Kingdom of God? Do you know if you are a lukewarm Christian? I had no idea I was a lukewarm Christian until I was forced to get on my face because I was struggling. I needed Jesus. Most people love Jesus and believe in Jesus but aren’t ALL in, surrendered for the Kingdom of God. They are essentially, lukewarm. This is a tragedy with our current world because it causes many to turn away from the faith and into new age activities because they have no clue it’s not from God. This increases depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and doesn’t heal your trauma. In this episode, you will hear about the truth about lukewarm Christianity and the impact this could be having on your mental health.

“Because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” ~Revelation 3:16

“By their fruit you will recognize them”. ~Matt 7:16

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